Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home by Rhode Janzen

Review: This is an adorable memoir about recovery from life's not-so-little upsets. Janzen has a lot go wrong all at once, but she's not without the will to press on or a support system to help her do it. It's also a memoir of reflection. It's a reminder that remembering where we came from can help... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Resistance

Lauren Thatcher Ulrich said one of my favorite things I've ever heard: Well-behaved women rarely make history There has been some amazing history made by women resisting the status quo, these are just some of them. Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter by Carmen Aguirre The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: And Other Inspiring... Continue Reading →

My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile by Isabel Allende, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

Review:    My Invented Country is a different kind of memoir. Allende's personal memoir was Paula, but as it says in the title, this one is about Chile. Don't confuse it with a history of Chile either. This is written in a memoir style and is simply Allende's experience of her country. It's the way she remembers... Continue Reading →

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston

Review: In the world of memoirs, this one was a little difficult for me to rate. I was confused for a decent portion of it, not sure whether this was fiction or nonfiction at times. I had chosen it as part of the Read Harder Challenge for this year, task 17: read a classic by a... Continue Reading →

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls

Review: To say that Walls had an unusual childhood would be a massive understatement. She didn't have any of the stability with a roof over her head or meals to eat that most children in the US take for granted, but she did have some amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to do things that many of us... Continue Reading →

Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family by Najla Said

Review: I was not aware of Edward Said before reading this book, so I went into it without any expectation on the part of his daughter. I had originally found the book when searching for memoirs about non-celebrities, for books about the human experience and was drawn to the way that the description of this... Continue Reading →

Diverse Books Tag – Memoirs!

I got a little overzealous when the tag first came to me, I wanted to two. One with memoirs and one with superheroes, but I was down one superhero. Okay, only sort of. I didn't have a biracial protagonist but plenty of characters. Maybe I'll find one and share them down the road. For now,... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday – My Next 5 TBR Memoirs

Note: This post has been edited to include links to reviews that were later written about them, one book was harder to get than anticipated so it has not been read. I have a soft spot for memoirs. Not just memoirs, but memoirs of regular people. I love to learn about the many lives that... Continue Reading →

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