Esther 8-10: Turning the tide

We pick up here after Esther has asked the king to spare her people and come out as a Jew for him to know who she means before pointing the finger at Haman for all these troubles. Haman ends up hung on the gallows he'd had erected for Mordecai and Mordecai is given the house... Continue Reading →

Esther 5-7: Dealing with Haman

We return again to Esther, who has replaced Vashti as queen, is loved or admired by everyone she meets, is still keeping that she is a Jew a secret, and about to come out to the king and ask him to spare her people at her uncle's behest. Chapter five After the fasting from the... Continue Reading →

Esther 3-4: Trouble begins

Okay, we're going to do two chapters this time. I really don't like dragging my feet through any book, but again, there's a lot in this one. Chapter three¬† I'm not so sure how I feel about this one. I feel a little like Esther was setup and installed in the palace so that Mordecai... Continue Reading →

Esther 2: Queen Esther

Again, there is way too much in this one to do more than this chapter. Maybe we'll speed things up a bit down the road.The king of Persia has banished Queen Vashti¬†for refusing to come show off her beauty at a party that it may not even have been appropriate for her to be at... Continue Reading →

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