Ms. Marvel Volumes 7 & 8

Review: This series just continues to get better. If you're new to it, here is a link to other reviews. Volume 7 (#13-18) The main story is title Damage per Second but the volume also includes two other stories, one at the end and one at the beginning. The first issues is Election Day because... Continue Reading →

Champions Volume 1: Change the World

Review:  I am absolutely in love with the Champions! I had a feeling I would enjoy it given how much I adore Kamala Khan but this went far beyond my expectations. After the events of Civil War II (discussed here and here), several of the younger Avengers are fed up and quit. They joined the... Continue Reading →

Ms. Marvel Volumes 4-6

Review: Ms. Marvel has been a favorite of mine since she came out a few years ago. Volume Four: Last Days (#16-19 and Amazing Spider-Man #7-8) What would you during the apocalypse? I love the way this volume answers that question, and for more characters than our protagonist. More than that, getting back into these... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday: Superheroine update!

I wrote about superheroes about a year and a half ago here. Mostly, I went into some of my favorite comic book superheroines at the time but have since found some more favorites and some new women to check out. Headliners I already love: Spider-Woman - cancelled. I had found her during the 3 volume run... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics

Today's TTT is All about the visuals: Top Ten Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics or Ten Comics on My TBR or Top Ten Favorite Picture Books! Given that my six year old has his own bookcase for of picture books, I did briefly consider using Picture Books, but no. I'm going to take yet another opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Diverse Books Tag – Superheroes!!

Okay, it took me a minute to get all the categories together, but there are definitely more superheroes out there than the vast white, male landscape that we are accustomed to. These are just the heroes that we are accustomed to, the stories we've heard, and the heroes we've followed for a long time. But... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday – Superheroes

So, I decided last week that I would alternate between posts on non-fiction and fiction femmes. This week, I'd like to talk about superheroes. There is not enough out there about female superheroes, but there actually are A LOT of them. Are they as awesome as their male counterparts? Yeah, a lot of them are.... Continue Reading →

Bitch Planet Vol 1 and Ms. Marvel Vol 3

I read the first of the comics that make up this graphic novel a few months ago, but I finally saw the full novel just this weekend and it was awesome! For starters, I appreciate the general message of the series. The premise of the series, for those who aren't familiar, is that women are... Continue Reading →

Do you love comics?

I do but I have come late to this party. I'm way too old to just now start reading comics, but better late than never. I came into it slowly, beginning last year with the introduction of the some new Marvel characters while I was writing my last blog. Since then, I have found and met some... Continue Reading →

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