Native American Memoir

There are few examples of American hypocrisy quite as good as the celebration of Thanksgiving. It's that time of year that all Americans look back fondly on that time when the people who already lived here took pity on the starving immigrants and fed them. We tell it as sweetly as we tell the story... Continue Reading →

The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir by Leslie Marmon Silko

Review: This was such a peaceful, contemplative memoir. I felt like I was listening to Silko's internal monologue as she went on one of her walks. There is a lot about going on solitary walks through nature and the way things shift depending on the day and the mood and therefore the level of observation... Continue Reading →

Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot

Review: This was such an amazing book. I didn't totally get it at first, the format threw me. It's better in print than as an audiobook and I went back and reread the passages that confused me, but the audiobook has an interview at the end that is great and explains a lot. It also... Continue Reading →

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