Feminism Book List

As mentioned a few days ago, I compiled the list of books on the UN Women's Instagram and all the suggestions into one big book list. It was made in Goodreads to make these titles easy to find, though a few titles are missing. While making this, I did notice that some were doubles but... Continue Reading →

Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

I first heard of Temple Grandin because of the 2010 movie of her life. It was amazing to watch the changes she made in the cattle industry captured within the movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie involves a lot more than her innovation when it tells her life story, but that part of it... Continue Reading →

A House of My Own by Sandra Cisneros

A great collection of essays about the life, work, and inspiration of Sandra Cisneros.

My Comfort Books

While I love to digest as many books as possible, there are also those that I return to for the comfort they give. They aren't necessarily intended to provide comfort but in some ways I draw strength from them anyway. I had a  bit of a hard time at work last year with some craziness... Continue Reading →

In Defense of a Liberal Education by Fareed Zakaria

Review: I am so in love with this book. First of all, I had a different impression of what a "liberal education" was when I picked the book. I thought of it in the "not conservative" way and not so much the liberal arts degree that Zakaria was actually going for. I was always going... Continue Reading →

Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls are Not for Sale, an Activist Finds Her Calling and Heals Herself by Rachel Lloyd

Review:  I am totally amazed by this book. At time it reads like a memoir because Lloyd recounts her own experience of commercial sexual exploitation, but it is very much an argument to be made against both the sex industry and the way we handle those in it. It brings about many important questions about... Continue Reading →

The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark

Review: The Longevity Book is a great follow up to Diaz's The Body Book. It picks up with the question of just what happens over time. The book even starts with a plea to be proud of our ages. We are taking better care of ourselves,  benefitting from medical and technological advances, and living longer than ever. We... Continue Reading →

Memoir Monday: TBR

I try to load up my reading challenges with as much memoir and other non-fiction as I can these days. I'm down to three memoirs in my current set of challenges. This is one of them.  When I came upon Ordinary Light I was looking for memoirs that begin with "O" and fell in love... Continue Reading →

Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family by Najla Said

Review: I was not aware of Edward Said before reading this book, so I went into it without any expectation on the part of his daughter. I had originally found the book when searching for memoirs about non-celebrities, for books about the human experience and was drawn to the way that the description of this... Continue Reading →

The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What It Means for All of Us by Robyn Meredith

Review: The Elephant and the Dragon is the essential guide to understanding how India and China are reshaping our world. With labor now unbound from geographic borders, we're seeing startling shifts in how—and where—nearly everything we buy is made. In a compelling mix of history and on-the-ground reporting, veteran journalist Robyn Meredith untangles the complex... Continue Reading →

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