Looking back on Daniel

Daniel's story takes place during the exile, though some of the Israelites have returned to Jerusalem by the end. For so short a book, he does have two pretty infamous Old Testament stories that I've heard a few times. But there's also some crazy prophecy in here too. Chapter one This chapter introduces the story... Continue Reading →


Malachi is mostly a reprimand. We're in the post-exilic phase and the people seem to be acting up again. Chapter one This chapter explains the way the people were not sacrificing right. It may seem petty on the outside but it was one if the things God asked of them in exchange for absolute protection from just... Continue Reading →

Zechariah 7-14

After all the visions from the last post, Zechariah also gets some prophecies. Chapter seven The people again pray for deliverance but don't do the basic things that God asks of them. He's not even asking for giant leaps if faith here, just treat each other well: 9“Thus says the Lord of hosts, Render true judgments, show... Continue Reading →


The book of Haggai brings forward to when the people have returned to Jerusalem from Babylon by the God-inspired decree of Cryus, the king of Persia. We had run into that part back in Ezra. Chapter one According to Haggai, God is pretty mad about the people returning to Jerusalem and not doing anything to... Continue Reading →


The book of Zephaniah takes place during the time of Josiah in 2 Kings 21. It's another book comprised of a few prophecies for Judah and other nations. Chapter one Yet again God is mad because people are ignoring Him, and not just people but the priests who are supposed to be those who keep them... Continue Reading →


This is set after one of the times Babylon came and pillaged Israel, but there's no way to tell which time. There's just one chapter to this book, one vision of the prophet Obadiah. Obadiah This is entirely about Edom standing by while Israel gets destroyed and taken away as captives. God is angry with... Continue Reading →


Amos isn't quite as short as Joel but it's still pretty short and we're going to do it all in one post too. Amos is prophesying during the time of Uzziah from back in 2 Chronicles when the people as a whole seemed to be prospering, but only because they were oppressing others and generally not being... Continue Reading →


The book of Joel is three short chapters of straight up prophecy. The main theme is again turning back to God and how far off the people of both Israel and Judah have gone. It mostly appears to focus on the people as a whole but there are a few mentions that we can look... Continue Reading →

Hosea 3-14

Ultimately, Hosea is a prophet and his story is not as much about his relationship with Gomer as his relationship with God. It's not even really his story so much as the prophecies he gives after his marriage. Chapter three This is a short chapter, which I really needed after the last one. God tells... Continue Reading →

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