Looking back on Ezekiel

As I mentioned in the first Ezekiel post, the timing here is contemporary with several of books but the exact timing is a little confusing. I have looked in the study section of my Bible and gone on Google and looked for more exact dates, but nothing makes a whole lot of sense with where... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Ezra

Ezra is not a big book, but it is confusing with the crazy timeline in the middle chapters. It's about the Israelites coming back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and their struggles to get it done. Not many women are mentioned in it and not one is named in the whole book. There is... Continue Reading →


Malachi is mostly a reprimand. We're in the post-exilic phase and the people seem to be acting up again. Chapter one This chapter explains the way the people were not sacrificing right. It may seem petty on the outside but it was one if the things God asked of them in exchange for absolute protection from just... Continue Reading →

Zechariah 7-14

After all the visions from the last post, Zechariah also gets some prophecies. Chapter seven The people again pray for deliverance but don't do the basic things that God asks of them. He's not even asking for giant leaps if faith here, just treat each other well: 9“Thus says the Lord of hosts, Render true judgments, show... Continue Reading →

Zechariah 1-6: Visions

Zechariah writes from a similar time frame as Haggai and Ezra and Nehemiah. He begins during the exile and works from there. So this one will break up into posts, one for visions and another for the rest of Zechariah's story. Chapter one To begin with, Zechariah receives "the Word" and to tell the people... Continue Reading →


The book of Haggai brings forward to when the people have returned to Jerusalem from Babylon by the God-inspired decree of Cryus, the king of Persia. We had run into that part back in Ezra. Chapter one According to Haggai, God is pretty mad about the people returning to Jerusalem and not doing anything to... Continue Reading →


The book of Zephaniah takes place during the time of Josiah in 2 Kings 21. It's another book comprised of a few prophecies for Judah and other nations. Chapter one Yet again God is mad because people are ignoring Him, and not just people but the priests who are supposed to be those who keep them... Continue Reading →


Unlike the other prophets who God gives a message to deliver to a people, Habakkuk's book is about his own conversation with God during the time before Babylon comes to take them into exile. Chapter one I have to admit, his first concern with God is something that gets brought up to me about how... Continue Reading →


Nahum takes place in Assyria again, but some time after Jonah. Jonah preached that punishment was coming to them for their evil ways, but they all repented and God desisted. They have returned to their ways and God has again sent them a prophet to warn them. I think it's interesting that these are not... Continue Reading →


Micah was a prophet during the events of 2 Kings 16 and 17, when the Assyrians had helped the king of Judah fend off the kings of Israel and Syria, at great cost to themselves. Ahaz, the king of Judah at the time, never appears to consult God and then does things to appease Assyria that... Continue Reading →

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