The Happenings – April 2017

It seems my reading and blogging pace has slowed down considerably. This is due to the new job I started. I feel a little like I've got it together but the new job doesn't include a lot of computer time, so things are just gonna be what they are. I'm just glad for audiobooks. Currently... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – January 2017

I had a good start to the year, reading a lot more books than I thought I would get to. Well, I didn't read my intended TBR exactly because library holds got in the way of my shelf control but shelf control is the renewed plan for February! Currently Reading I am attempting shelf control... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – December 2016

December has been a little crazy, realizing that I almost never got around to reading my Kindle Firsts and trying to catch my 150 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. I managed the second one but have one more Kindle First to catch up on. Currently Reading Just one book right now, but only because... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – September 2016

What a month! It's been a little slow on the blogging front and I hope to get back to my faster pace in October. We'll see what happens, though. Currently Reading Dangerous Women is my audiobook currently. It is MUCH longer than I am accostumed to at 32 hours longs. I've got about six hours left... Continue Reading →

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