Reading Challenges Complete!

I know, it took me long enough this year. Well, I didn't quite finish the Nobel Women that I'm planning to get through, but they're sprinkled in and I'm working on it. I did, however, finish both the 2017 Read Harder Challenge and the Litsy A to Z Challenge. While I'd love to do both... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – April 2017

It seems my reading and blogging pace has slowed down considerably. This is due to the new job I started. I feel a little like I've got it together but the new job doesn't include a lot of computer time, so things are just gonna be what they are. I'm just glad for audiobooks. Currently... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – December 2016

December has been a little crazy, realizing that I almost never got around to reading my Kindle Firsts and trying to catch my 150 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. I managed the second one but have one more Kindle First to catch up on. Currently Reading Just one book right now, but only because... Continue Reading →

Read Harder 2017

I love the Read Harder Challenge!! So here are my plans for this year, let's see if I can get through without any major modifications because I did have to change some stuff around  this year. My goal is to up my ratio of WOC authors to something like 50%  this year overall. I did... Continue Reading →

Litsy A to Z Challenge

I joined Litsy last month, which is AMAZING! and another Litten (@BookishMarginalia) started a great new challenge that I've signed up for. It's the LitsyAtoZ Challenge and it's just what it sounds like. Pick 26 books with the titles or the author's names or some combination that correspond to the alphabet. Here's my list: Amelia... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – October 2016

What a month! I've been busy, to say the least, but I also got a chance to get A LOT of reading in. And listening.... I think this has been my biggest month and then I finally hit my "read a book over 500 pages" part of the Read Harder Challenge. It was the last... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – May

It's been a crazy month, not all good or bad, just crazy. A little more hectic than I wanted it to be. What I'm Reading: I'm a HUGE Brene Brown fan. I haven't read all of her books, but I loved Daring Greatly and her TEDtalks. I've been looking forward to reading this one for a little... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – April

What a month! I've been experimenting with posting to Booklikes and WordPress and it's been interesting. Not everything goes completely in both directions, but I like getting the book covers from Booklikes instead of Amazon Affiliates, since that's where I used to get them. I hate feeling pressured to sell stuff just to so the... Continue Reading →

The Happenings

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a handle on this blog. It's not perfect and I still get a little rushed, but I'm getting the timing worked out. I did not intend on turning this into one of those blogs that have posts as often as I do these days, but it's fun and... Continue Reading →

Starting the Read Harder Challenge!

Okay, so I decided to do the Read Harder Challenge for 2016, the tasks are found here. Fortunately for me, some of them have already been fulfilled by the reading I've done in the last two months. I'm going to try to do this with all female and/or protagonists. The books that I've already read and choose... Continue Reading →

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