A study of yoga and Christianity

I'm currently The Yoga of Jesus and though I'm not far into it, the idea of Christianity and yoga not being complimentary has been something that has always bothered me. Some Christians think of it as being a part of Hinduism or Buddhism, which would detract from practicing Christianity or faith in Christ. Some think... Continue Reading →

Matthew 7: Sermon on the Mount Part 3

In part 1, Jesus goes up on the mount to speak to the crowd. He discusses who is blessed, people's value, some considerations for adhering to certain commandments, the merit of the "eye for an eye" rule, and loving enemies. In part 2, Jesus goes on to discuss doing things in public for other people... Continue Reading →

Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount Part 1

In chapter 4, the crowds had been growing around Jesus and His teachings. By the opening of chapter 5, He is addressing a crowd that has followed Him there. He goes up to the mount and delivers the first of His recorded sermons. It opens with the Beatitudes, which are often quoted in all kinds... Continue Reading →

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