Luke 9

For the text of Luke 9, click here. The chapter opens with Jesus sending out the twelve apostles with "power and authority" as was recounted in Matthew 10 and Mark 6. Jesus is mostly quoted the same, though Matthew is a little more wordy as usual and some of the intention does get a little... Continue Reading →

Matthew 13: Parables and explanations

For the text of Matthew 13, click here.  I had no idea that the parables were explained in the same chapters that they were told! Not that the explanations were always easy to understand. First of all. What's a parable?  Here is the definition from nouna short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or thelike. The first one is the Parable of... Continue Reading →

Matthew 1: An introduction to the New Testament

I'm pretty excited to be starting the New Testament finally. It's been three years and I've learned so much it's insane. In fact, it's so insane that I don' know when I'll be going back to grouped posts but there is so much in the first few chapters that I have a fully post for... Continue Reading →

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