Women in Translation 2020

Welcome to WITMonth 2020!! This is that time of year when we remember and celebrate those women writing books not in our first language. You may remember from prior years that translation is terribly low in the US and into English, leaving plenty of opportunity out there for fabulous books that we just aren't getting... Continue Reading →

The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz

Review:  I'll be honest, I didn't entirely understand the ending of this book, but didn't diminish its value to me at all. Sometimes, I just don't get where certain stories are coming from. They happen to be outside of my ability to relate while being incredibly intriguing. The thing about the Queue is that is... Continue Reading →

In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri, translated by Ann Goldstein

Review: I love the concept of this memoir. It's not a memoir of Lahiri's life, just her obsession with learning and speaking Italian. I can relate, having lived in Italy a while and falling in love with the language, but my desire to learn it is nowhere near Lahiri's. Finding out that it's actually a... Continue Reading →

WIT Month Wrap Up

My second Women In Translation Month has come to a close. It's a little bitter sweet. I know I can continue to read women in translation throughout the year, have definitely upped my regular reading of them, and have challenges to finish, but it's still nice to have a theme for a while and focus... Continue Reading →

The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto, translated by Michael Emmerich

Review: The Lake was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I didn't really know what to expect. As usual, I read the description when I first chose to put the book on my TBR and didn't bother looking at it again when I sat down to read it. What's the point, I... Continue Reading →

Things We Lost in the Fire by Mariana Enríquez, translated by Megan McDowell

Review:  This is an amazing collection of short stories. Normally, I don't read horror but the title is so compelling. I just had to read the whole book as soon as I read the title. It is super creepy. Like, really really creepy. Creeped out at a level that I haven't been since the last... Continue Reading →

On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe, translated by Jonathon Cape

Review:  On Black Sisters Street is a dark but good book about the lives of women who have been trafficked to Belgium from Nigeria. It's sad and a little heartbreaking, but it's not disaster porn, if that makes any sense. One of my favorite scenes involves one character telling another what to say to the people... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday: Translated Poets

Translation is never easy but I have a feeling that translating poetry is even more difficult than normal. There is the cadence of the poem and all the hidden meanings behind word usage to consider. I don't envy a translator in general, but it must take a special kind of professional to throw themselves into... Continue Reading →

TBT: WIT Month Reads from last year

As previously stated, I am celebrating Women In Translation Month along with some other bloggers and publishers. Last year was my first time and I loved it! I did write a wrap up post last year too but it missed some of the reviews of books I finished when the month was over. If you... Continue Reading →

FF: Women In Translation Month is Coming Up!

I haven't done a Femme Friday in a while and I'm glad to get back on it with the reminder that WIT Month is coming!!! If you're new around here, Femme Friday was begun by Vicky over at Books and Strips. The idea is to highlight some women and femmes, whether they are authors, publishers, running publishing... Continue Reading →

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