Ember Queen by Laura Sebastian

As with the first two parts of this series, I love this finale! Sebastian is amazing and I love the world she built. Though life hasn't allowed much time for posting, I have been reveling in amazing worlds last month. I finished this series and then The Belles and the Firebird series (end of that... Continue Reading →

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

I originally thought this was going to be an interesting retelling of Cinderella, which excited me a lot after Cinder became my all time favorite retelling collection, but this is actually so much better than a retelling. The book is more fantasy than I normally read, but I had been more intrigued whenever I read... Continue Reading →

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Review: Dorothy Must Die was just what I needed. My reviews don't come out in exactly the same order as my reading and I had just gone through some pretty heavy material and needed the break. This was everything I hoped it would be. I'm a sucker for revisiting a world I know and I... Continue Reading →

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Review: I had seen the previews for the movie based on Before I Fall a while back, which is what prompted me to read this. I'm a fan of time loop movies and such ever since Groundhog's Day so long ago. I even love the Supernatural episode "Mystery Spot" where one character dies over and over... Continue Reading →

The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Review: This is an entertaining YA fantasy. I put it on my Read Harder 2017 list for task 15: Read a YA or middle grade novel by an author who identifies as LGBTQ+. To discover author's that fit into this category, I took advice from the Goodreads group on the Read Harder challenge which has Schwab mentioned... Continue Reading →

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Review: Never have I ever related so much to a character. Okay, her background is TOTALLY different, but her general outlook is so exactly the same. Her choices are so similar and the reasoning for choosing them are so similar. It was crazy. The rest of the characters were great in their own way as... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday – Your Next Favorite YA Series

I don't know what your next favorite YA series may be, but it stands to reason that it could be written by a woman. I'm not saying that it will be, but the "Big 3" of YA are all written by women (and are featured in this post). We definitely can't be ruled out or... Continue Reading →

The Vampire Diaries: The Dark Reunion by LJ Smith

For this book, being a fan of the show here in the 2010's is a real hindrance to appreciating what's going on in the 1990's book version. It's a combination of the way the characters are different because of the time and the way that technology changes the story. Bonnie's character in the book is... Continue Reading →

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