Expanding my home practice

Everyone is learning a bit about what it's like to have a home practice, but I've been set up for this for a few years now. In most of the places I've rented before my current house, I had to make space for yoga somewhere when it was time to practice. Usually, it was the... Continue Reading →

Finding dhyana, or not

Somewhere after dharana, we find dhyana, meditation. I know, that doesn't sound helpful at all, right? The problem is that dhyana isn't really something that I can just decide to do. We decide on dharana and then dhyana happens or it doesn't. It's the same with samadhi but we'll get there later. The difference between... Continue Reading →

A study of yoga

My notecards to remember the 8 Limbs of Yoga A lot of people roll their eyes when I mention that there’s a lot more to yoga than stretching or even exercise. The exercise is actually just one little piece of it. I was letting yoga heal me and transform my view of the world well... Continue Reading →

A reprieve from the world

During the hiatus, I was going through some things at work and at home. It wasn’t bad, but I was taking a step back as I transitioned between positions and it was complicated. Likewise, a family business was happily growing and taking a little extra time and a lot of extra energy. By the end... Continue Reading →

Closing it out

No matter what the focus of my yoga practice is for the day, I usually close it out with the same sequence. As with everything, there are some variances that I throw in occasionally to make it a little harder for the day or a stretch my body just wants, but this is the basic... Continue Reading →

Upper Body Strengthening vs Handstands

I previously mentioned that I've been working on handstands for a few years now. Really, it's inversions in general. I started out wanting to do handstands and then decided I wanted to do a crow to handstand press. I even went so far as to come up with a whole sequence in my head that... Continue Reading →

Core Intensives

While every yoga sequence works the core, there are two short sequences that I do when I feel the need to focus on my core. And by focus on my core, I mean really feel the work out on my stomach the next day. I'm not trying to have a certain kind of stomach shape... Continue Reading →

Playing with Pigeon

I have loved Pigeon pose since the first time that I saw it on a yoga video. I don't remember which workout it went to but it was the yoga video to some fad workout that everyone was trying. I'd been doing yoga for a few years by then and my friend had just gotten... Continue Reading →

My Basic Warrior/Standing Sequence

A good warrior flow is a big part of most yoga practices. This is mine!

A Decade of Yoga

As I mentioned last week, it's been about a decade since I first started yoga. I'll be honest, I was not excited about my first class. I had gone because a friend had been going to a hot yoga study that offered a bring-a-friend day and she really wanted me to go with her. I've... Continue Reading →

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