Putting it all together

Trying out Mermaid pose in my mermaid pants! I’ve been following several yoga blogs and pinning poses I want to try out or work towards for a while, but it wasn’t until this summer that I started participating in it all. Yoga is about union, which in my mind, includes sharing the practice. It’s made... Continue Reading →

Closing it out

No matter what the focus of my yoga practice is for the day, I usually close it out with the same sequence. As with everything, there are some variances that I throw in occasionally to make it a little harder for the day or a stretch my body just wants, but this is the basic... Continue Reading →

Balance focus

My yoga practice tends to follow a routine. There are four stages to it: warm up, warriors, a focus area that includes some form of prone work, and closing it out with some sitting and supine poses. Sun Salutation A is the warm up I use the most, but there are some other options that... Continue Reading →

Working on Splits

As I've mentioned before, I can't actually do a split. It's a goal. I've tried a few things over the years but consistency is my biggest enemy. Nevertheless, I try when I can and there is some solid improvement when I do. It's important to remember that it's never really about the pose, its about... Continue Reading →

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