A study of yoga

My notecards to remember the 8 Limbs of Yoga A lot of people roll their eyes when I mention that there’s a lot more to yoga than stretching or even exercise. The exercise is actually just one little piece of it. I was letting yoga heal me and transform my view of the world well... Continue Reading →

Learning Sanskrit

Though it is in no way necessary to have a fulfilling practice, I have started to learn the Sanskrit names of the poses. It started as something I wanted to do to deepen the focus on my practice and then changed things, like yoga always does. It's also a thing that happened when I started... Continue Reading →

A reprieve from the world

During the hiatus, I was going through some things at work and at home. It wasn’t bad, but I was taking a step back as I transitioned between positions and it was complicated. Likewise, a family business was happily growing and taking a little extra time and a lot of extra energy. By the end... Continue Reading →

Putting it all together

Trying out Mermaid pose in my mermaid pants! I’ve been following several yoga blogs and pinning poses I want to try out or work towards for a while, but it wasn’t until this summer that I started participating in it all. Yoga is about union, which in my mind, includes sharing the practice. It’s made... Continue Reading →

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