Books on the Asanas

Knowing what's going on in a pose is still a work in progress for me. Though I learned to queue the typical poses used in a yoga practice and can sequence fairly well, I still struggle with remembering all the exact benefits of the asanas, the Sanskrit names, and the contraindications. I've never taken anatomy... Continue Reading →

Truth is One, Paths are Many

I was listening to the yearly Palm Sunday sermon last weekend, and it reminded me of all the paths to God according to yoga. I first saw it in the Yoga Sutras, but also in a new book I've started titled The Yoga of Jesus. I had read A Short History of Myth by Karen... Continue Reading →

Balance focus

My yoga practice tends to follow a routine. There are four stages to it: warm up, warriors, a focus area that includes some form of prone work, and closing it out with some sitting and supine poses. Sun Salutation A is the warm up I use the most, but there are some other options that... Continue Reading →

Core Intensives

While every yoga sequence works the core, there are two short sequences that I do when I feel the need to focus on my core. And by focus on my core, I mean really feel the work out on my stomach the next day. I'm not trying to have a certain kind of stomach shape... Continue Reading →

Working on Splits

As I've mentioned before, I can't actually do a split. It's a goal. I've tried a few things over the years but consistency is my biggest enemy. Nevertheless, I try when I can and there is some solid improvement when I do. It's important to remember that it's never really about the pose, its about... Continue Reading →

My Basic Warrior/Standing Sequence

A good warrior flow is a big part of most yoga practices. This is mine!

Sun Salutations, My Favorite Warm up

Here's a little explanation of my favorite warm up which also happens to be a fairly standard flow in many yoga classes.

To Balance by Reaching Higher

Yoga isn't about reaching for perfection, but reaching for where you want to be by knowing and accepting where you are.

Chasing the Handstand

Yep, I'm one of those yogis chasing the handstand. But it isn't even about the handstand anymore. It's everything that chasing the handstand does for me. What pose are you chasing?

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